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Are you looking for the perfect yarn for baby? Although many “baby yarns” are just lightweight acrylics that are easy to care for, you will also want to check for yarns that are durable and OKEO-TEX certified!

Baby’s skin can be sensitive so you don’t want to be exposing them to any old chemical laden acrylic yarn, whether the label calls it baby yarn or not! Thankfully more and more yarn brands are getting on board with OKEO-TEX certifications for baby yarns.

You also don’t want that heirloom baby blanket to wear out prematurely? So which yarns are durable enough for those heirloom baby projects?

On this page I am including yarns that are OKEO-TEX certified, durable or labeled explicitly as a baby yarn. Click through to a particular post to learn more about each yarn that I would use for baby knitting.

Now you know what to buy for all your baby knits and crochet projects!