Tag: Smashing Good Yarn

I know from personal experience. It’s really hard to know if you are buying good yarn. It’s not until you’ve gotten out your needles and started a project that you begin to realize that soft yarn is a nightmare to work with. I want to help you avoid buying bad yarn by sharing my own experiences testing and reviewing yarns.

When I evaluate a yarn, I address availability, workability, wearability and durability. If a yarn meets all four of those criteria to my satisfaction, it’s good! I have yet to find a perfect yarn, so don’t get your hopes up. But at least together we can learn how to avoid the bad yarn.

I won’t discriminate on fiber type — you’ll find good acrylics, cottons & wools in my lists of yarn. I buy yarn at a variety of price points by scouring clearance sales at popular online retailers. Although I focus primarily on budget yarns (that in some circles get a bad rap), you will hear about more expensive yarns too.

So here’s to a future where you always buy amazing yarn! We hope you come back and visit and send us a note if there is a yarn you’d like us to try.