Tag: Bad Yarn

Have you ever bought a yarn you hated? I sure have. When you buy yarn, you always have such high hopes for how wonderful it will be. What treasured beauty will it become? To have your hopes dashed after a few passes on the needles may feel like an insignificant “yarnie problem”. But the sorrow and disappointment of buying bad yarn is real.

Retailers will offer ratings of their yarns, and many hobby sites have ratings dedicated to yarn. These will always rely on customer reviews which are often vague and unhelpful. Have you seen those reviews saying in all caps “I HATE THIS YARN!”, but with very little explanation as to why? For all we know someone tried machine washing a 100% wool yarn and felted it by accident! A poor yarn’s reputation has now been maligned by ignorance.

These are reasons why I believe a thorough and detailed review process is the best defense against buying horrendous yarn. When I buy yarn, I put it to the test with a project and a month or two of wear before writing a review. In my reviews I address a yarns availability, workability, wearability and durability. I promise you won’t find a vague “I HATE THIS YARN!” on Budget Yarn Reviews!

All the yarns in this category are yarns we do not recommend. If a yarn fails to meet a single important critera, it will show up here. Read the individual reviews to find out why!