The ULTIMATE Yarn Comparisons

The ULTIMATE Yarn Comparisons

Ever wonder how yarns compare when analyzed side by side? I did too. So I put in the hours and hours of work to bring you the ULTIMATE yarn comparisons! The comparison below is for 20 popular acrylic yarns.

Click on each image below to visit one segment in the series. More yarn comparisons coming soon!

You can also find videos from my yarn comparisons on my Youtube channel.

The First Datapoint: Workability

Ever start a project and decide you HATE working with a particular yarn? Yeah, that happened to me too. I knit and crochet swatches of every yarn to figure out which yarns split, which ones squeak and which ones just WILL NOT hold up to frogging.

acrylic yarn review knitting crochet yarn

In this segment, I compare the workability of yarns when both knitting and crocheting.

The Fun Metric: Yarn Softness!

Ever wonder which basic acrylic yarn is the softest? I compared every yarn swatch to figure out which yarn was the most soft.

soft yarn for knit and crochet

This installment of the Ultimate Acrylic Yarn Comparison addresses yarn softness (at various stages).

What Mom Wants to Know: Which is most durable?

This is the data point that most yarn reviews do not have – how durable is a yarn, really? It can take awhile to figure this out, but I figured out how to speed up the process by aggressively washing swatches!

the ultimate acrylic yarn durability review
After much washing, I determined which yarns were the most durable.

The final results of the Ultimate Acrylic Yarn Comparison!

Visit the first image to get a complete run down with all of my thoughts on every yarn in the comparison! Not in the mood for reading? Skip to the chart with all of my rankings for each yarn. Sort by your favorite metric (softness, durability, etc) to pick the right yarn for you!

best acrylic yarn comparison results
I’ve compared 20 popular acrylic yarns to find out what’s softest and what’s most durable. The final results are in!
chart from the ultimate acrylic yarn comparison
Want to skip straight to the comparison chart with all the rankings? Click the image above!

Can’t find the yarn comparison you’re looking for?

I am in the progress of adding a few extra yarns to the comparison! I am calling them “fast-follows” and I am adding popular yarns like Red Heart Super Saver and Lion Brand Pound of Love. Suggest yarns for me to add by contacting me here.