Curation & Copyright Policy

Curation & Copyright Policy

It sucks we live in a world where policies and disclaimers like this need to exist. But know that my goal is to embrace the knitting & crochet community with and open and sharing heart. This policy exists only to protect myself from those who do not have the same good intentions.

I love providing great knitting content and project ideas for my readers. In that spirit I regularly share projects I have knit. By choosing a designer’s pattern to knit and share, I am giving it my vote of approval!

All photos and content is my own, showcasing my own knitting unless otherwise noted. I will always credit the original pattern and provide a link to it for my readers. Pattern designers work hard and their amazing designs deserve to be recognized and shared to every corner of the internet!

Sometimes I will curate patterns I think would suit a particular yarn. In the curation process, I may use one of the designer’s original pattern photos. I will always indicate what images are not my own with a direct link back to their source. If as a designer, you object to my use of a pattern image, please contact me and I will remove it promptly.

I am sharing your patterns the way I hope others will share mine in the future. If for any reason you feel something needs clearer attribution or if you just plain don’t want me to share your designs or images, a simple message is all it takes to get it corrected.

On the flip side, if you like a post on my site, feel free to share it generously!

When sharing I request you follow the standard guidelines of a post description and one picture while linking back to my site. All photos and written content is copyright Budget Yarn Reviews unless otherwise noted. Please do not reprint, publish or post my writings in full or in excerpts and please don’t use my photography. It takes a lot of work to write original content and take original photos so please respect this intellectual property and share responsibly with clear credit back to this blog.

Thank you for reading, now lets get back to talking about yarn!