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Terms of Use

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No guarantees about the information we provide

While our intention is to provide useful information about the value and quality of yarns and related knitting/crochet products, we make absolutely no guarantees in regards to this data and we are sharing it with you to help you make your own educated decisions. The information on this website is provided with the understanding that BudgetYarnReviews.com is not liable for any damages arising from your use of it.

Common sales, discounts and offers from third party retailers may not always be available. Prices of yarns are variable and may change. Yarns can be discontinued and any potential substitutes we recommend may not be suitable to your projects.

All skein estimates for projects in our pricing tables are based off of our own personal projects and projects we’ve discovered on Ravelry. When purchasing your own skeins, please refer to your chosen pattern to ensure you have the correct yardage for your chosen yarn. Many retailers offer yarn calculators to give you estimated yardage when substituting yarns. Please utilize these kinds of tools.

We can make no guarantees in regards to the yarn and tool quality. Manufacturer quality can change from batch to batch. Additionally, we do not know what your specific use for an item is and cannot guarantee our recommendations are suitable for your needs.

We strongly recommend that you do your own yarn analysis before beginning any project. Knit and crochet those swatches and utilize retailers return policies if something doesn’t seem right at arrival. You alone are responsible for your purchase decisions.

Links to third-party websites

BudgetYarnReviews maintains affiliate relationship with third party sites. We may receive payment when purchases are made via some of the product links in our posts. We are in no way responsible for the quality of products or services that any third-party provides, even if you visited their website through links on BudgetYarnReviews.com. Any refund or return of goods to a third-party is based on the policies of those companies. Under no circumstances do we retain any form of liability over your purchases.

If you have feedback regarding a third-party, please let us know. We would hate to continue to recommend something clearly no longer worth recommending.


We make no guarantees on the availability of this website. Our website, like many others, will be vulnerable to bugs, viruses, errors and omissions.

We reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue all or part of our website without giving you any notice.

If you would like to tell us about any errors in the information provided on this site, please use our contact form.


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We use cookies provided by Google Analytics to help us understand how our readers use our website. The information helps us learn things such as which posts are most interesting, and how many people are accessing the website at the same time. Additionally Google Analytics may provide generic, non-identifiable demographic data such as age, gender and interest to allow us to write content that better reaches our audience.

Our goal is to protect your personally identifiable data. We do not enable Google Analytics advertising and remarking features. We also anonymize IP Addresses. Additionally we do not share any collected information such as email address via custom Google Analytics identifiers.

Using our data

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Scraping or taking content from BudgetYarnReviews.com by any automated means is not allowed unless we have given permission.


Read the Privacy Policy for complete details. But we won’t give or sell your information to any third parties for marketing purposes. Additionally, we won’t send you emails that you haven’t signed up to receive.

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