Category: Yarn Reviews

Wondering about how a particular yarn works up? Not sure if a yarn will be durable enough for your intended project? Read my yarn reviews! I subject all the yarns I review to a four point analysis touching on availability, workability, wearability & durability.

I got really tired of buying yarns that I wasn’t thrilled with, or even downright hated. Websites like Ravelry or retailer product pages try to prevent this with their rating & review systems. But sometimes these aren’t detailed enough to help you decide if a yarn is worth buying. Particularly when you are looking at a new yarn that just hit the shelves this season.

I love buying and trying yarn. My goal is to be an excellent resource for other yarnies by trying those new yarns as soon as they hit store shelves and making a thorough review available as soon as possible. I want to be a go-to resource for your budget yarn reviews!