Affiliates Disclosure

Affiliates Disclosure

You may or may not be familiar with the concept of affiliates…. but it’s the digital version of you recommending a great product to a friend and the retailer saying, “Hey! Thanks for recommending us. Here’s 1.5% of the sale we made to your friend.”

The retailer didn’t charge your friend more because they were going to give you a cut. They were so appreciative they took the commission out of their own profits. And you really truly believe in the product – and now your friend does too! They’re happy, you’re happy, the retailer’s happy. All good, right?

Well, if you’re an affiliate, a visitor on your website clicking a link to a retailer is kind of link providing a recommendation. And because we don’t know each other, you don’t know if I’m providing recommendations just to make money or if I really truly believe an item is worth recommending! That’s where disclosures come in.

At one point in time there have been people who take advantage of affiliate systems to make a buck, not caring if people got ripped off in the process. So now everyone who participates in an affiliate relationship has to disclose that their links are part of affiliate relationships. It doesn’t mean that anything sketchy is going.

So don’t be afraid of websites that participate in affiliate programs. You’re not being taken advantage of by price hikes or any of that. Affiliate programs help bloggers keep their blogs running by paying for hosting fees, maintenance and other necessities.

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